David Shire, an Academy Award and two-time Grammy winner and multiple Tony and Emmy nominee, has composed prolifically for the theatre, films, television and recordings.

In Concert

Here’s what some industry legends and publications have said about Shire and his work:

“David Shire is a protean composer. He can do anything – film, theater, concert music – and usually better than anyone else of his generation. He makes me envious.”

“I think of David Shire’s score for The Conversation as one of the most effective, most successful film scores that I’ve had.”

“David Shire has written some of our great contempoary standards – wonderful songs like “With You I’m Born Again”, and “Starting Here, Starting Now,” recorded by one of my heroes, Barbra Streisand. His exciting film scores and lush theatrical scores are entrancing – “It Goes Like It Goes” from the Norma Rae movie soundtrack is one of my favorites. Treat yourself to a wonderful pops night – wish I could be there.”

“He’s got it all superbly covered – musical theater and film music, symphonic, pop and jazz, vocal and instrumental. One of my favorite composers. A witty cat, too, and great fun to be with. I’d run to hear him. You should too.”

“David Shire is one of the most accomplished musical composers in the American theater. He has sophisticated training and a long life writing not only for the stage, but for film as well. There’s no question that any evening of him conducting and playing his material would be enormously entertaining.”

“David is an entertainingly unique creator of some of my favorite music and really delivers the goods. His music is majestically symphonic, jazzily Gershwinesque, and he writes wonderful songs. He innately possesses the musical synergy an audience desires. I can’t imagine anyone better suited to a concert podium than David Shire.”

‘One of my MOST favorite songs to sing is “I’ll Never Say Goodbye.” David’s passionate melody, with Alan and Marilyn Bergman’s gorgeous lyrics, create on of the greatest songs every written. If I sound like a fan, I am! An evening of his theater and film music is a very rich treat indeed.”

HIGH FIDELITY (on The Return to Oz soundtrack)
“This is an ambitiously orchestrated score… with plenty of dexterity… music of sophistication and depth rarely encountered in the “hear it once and forget it” world of film soundtracks. Don’t let this one get away.

FILM MUSIC WEEKLY (on the Zodiac soundtrack)
“David Shire [is] the man behind the brilliant conspiracy scores of The Conversation and All the President’s Men, not to mention the seminal 70’s crime-jazz score The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. [In Zodiac] his return to musical paranoia is… effortless. A killer musical flashback…”

“The best new songs on Broadway!” (Frank Rich on Baby)

“Best new musical 1989” (on Closer Than Ever)

“An entrancing entertainment.” (on Starting Here, Starting Now)

“Shire’s…bouncy music finds extraordinary variety…”

in_concert_shotAs a composer/conductor and pianist, David Shire is available for pops appearances and smaller concerts. He has performed with such orchestras as the Buffalo Philharmonic, Yale Davenport Pops, Rockland Symphony and North Jersey Symphony; and given recitals in conjunction with master classes at Yale, The University of Buffalo, The University of Virginia, and The Boston Conservatory of Music, among other venues.

Shire’s programs offer a mix of his music for film, theater and recordings, and can feature new compositions like Shades of Blue, his jazz suite for orchestra and woodwind soloist, which he wrote for jazz artist Bobby Militello (Dave Brubeck Quartet) and premiered with the Buffalo Philharmonic in 2007. A typical appearance usually includes such exciting artists as Broadway performers Lynne Wintersteller and Loni Ackerman, or Shire’s wife Didi Conn (Grease, Grease II, Benson, Shining Time Station). Shire intersperses his selections with entertaining introductory material and backstage anecdotes, and has sometimes integrated local vocal and instrumental performers or groups into his appearances.

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